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Chilean Pebre…a condiment for everything.

I discovered pebre on my second day in Santiago, Chile during lunch with a new Chilean acquaintance and some other fellow travelers.  The restaurant served it to the table along with bread and butter.  We spread a bit of both on top of the bread creating a delicious combination.  And there is no doubt I was in love from the first taste.

This would not be the only time I experienced pebre as it was served with just about every authentic Chilean meal I ate during my time in Chile.  It always accompanied bread, but I also saw it served with fish, and on one occasion it appeared in a Thai fried rice.

At a Fourth of cook-out held at the Spanish school I was attending, attended, they served this amazing condiment with choripán, little sausages or hot dogs.  They nestled the meat into a fresh baked roll, and generously topped it with pebre, creating a unforgettable food experience.  I don’t normally eat meat but I made an exception here and I am so glad I did.

Pebre, similar to salsa is available throughout Chile.  I feel like every time I ate it tasted slightly different.  I recently discovered that pebre varies by the region of Chile.  Cooks preparing it as each have their own way of making it.  However, the basic ingredients appear to be onion, cilantro, garlic, olive oil and spicy peppers.  In many areas around Santiago the pebre also had diced tomatoes in it.

Definitely a healthy food condiment idea that I will carry home with me and use in the future.  Click here for several recipes of pebre that you can try out and decide on which variation is your favorite. I know I will be testing them all to see which I like best.

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