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Ingredients for everything bagel crusted tofu Cobb salad are shown separately before being added to salad.

Everything bagel crusted tofu Cobb salad

The everything bagel is my favorite NY style bagel! It’s a combination of all the BEST bagel topping flavors. Who knew the seasoning had so many other uses? It’s great on avocado toast for that little something extra and I even like to sprinkle my […]

Plate of vegetable lentil stew with mashed potatoes ready to eat.

Hearty Vegetable Lentil Stew with Potato Puree

Fall is in full swing now in the northern hemisphere and the temperatures are dropping. As the weather gets cooler we naturally begin to crave more hearty feeling and heavy foods. And this recipe for a vegetable lentil stew is perfect for a cool or […]

Southern style pumpkin biscuits are cooling on baking rack.

Southern Style Pumpkin Biscuits

My roots are deeply southern — Texas and Georgia specifically.  And these southern style pumpkin biscuits are a tribute to my heritage! My mother and her family came from a small town in south Georgia and I spent more than half my life in Texas. […]

Vegan thai green curry is shown on table with spoon to eat so you get all the good stuff!

Vegan Thai Green Curry

During the week, it’s crucial for me to have quick and easy recipes that I don’t require me to spend much time in the kitchen and that work well to transport for lunch as well. But I also want meals that taste great and provide […]

,Showing knife, an essential cutting tool on wooden board cutting radishes.

Essential cutting tools for your kitchen

There are a whole range of utensils that can be used for cutting during your meal preparation in the kitchen.  My list of essential cutting tools includes the basics, such as a good chef’s knife and a cutting board to more specialized tools, like a […]


Whole Wheat Ricotta Gnocchi & Herbed Mushrooms

I haven’t had much luck with making homemade pasta in the past.  I’ve tried and even had my own pasta making press at one point, but I found it super challenging and lots of work.  But NOW that I’ve discovered whole wheat ricotta gnocchi and I’m […]

Vegan mixto ceviche is accompanied by sweet potatoes and choclo.

Peruvian Style Vegan Mixto Ceviche

Ceviche might just be Peru’s signature food.  Typically ceviche consists of raw fish or seafood tossed and served in leche de tigre, a marinade from a special variety of lime called limon here in Peru.  It’s super delicious and healthy too.  In this recipe, I […]

Whole red oinons shown before being transformed into red onion feathers.

How to Cut Red Onion Feathers

I first encountered the reference to cutting red onions into “plumas” meaning feathers in a Peruvian cookbook by Gaston Acurio.  I was doing some research for Vegetarian Lomo Saltado recipe I was developing. In the moment I didn’t really understand the point of using this […]


Black Bean and Veggie Vegan Skillet Enchiladas

I’m back with a little bit more Texmex inspired by my recent trip back to the US and my home state of Texas!!  While visiting I definitely indulged in my favorite — enchiladas!!  But honestly the meal left me feeling crazy heavy and just not […]


Crispy Chickpea Burger Patties

The best crispy chickpea burger patties ever!!  I swear!  The inspiration for this recipe came from a vegan cooking class that I took in Lima, Peru.  The chef taught us three different techniques to use to make vegan burgers and they were all great, but […]

Greek pasta bowl with tofu feta on white wood background! All ready to eat.

Greek Pasta Bowl with Tofu Feta

Tofu continues to grow on me.  When I first started this blog, I was definitely a newbie to experimenting with and eating tofu.  You can check out my first ever tofu recipe for Crispy Tofu Tacos with Lime Cilantro Yogurt from an earlier post on […]

Sandwiches are perfect for take to work lunch meals

Take to work lunch recipe collection

Is your lunch rotation getting a bit stale?  I’ve got a bunch of my favorite take to work lunch recipes together in a collection for you.  These take to work lunch recipes are perfect to prep ahead, transport easily and quick to assemble or reheat […]

Overhead view of stack of whole wheat sweet potato pancakes

Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Pancakes with Citrus Spiced Syrup

These whole wheat sweet potato pancakes are so good you will want to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And what makes them so good is the delicious homemade syrup flavored with citrus, cinnamon, anise and cloves.  It takes a little bit of extra […]

Healthy breakfast tips includes choosing foods you enjoy such as a yogurt bowl or oatmeal with fresh fruit.

Healthy breakfast tips and Ideas to get moving in the morning

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?  I am not sure that it is for everyone. There are lots of people who don’t eat breakfast and would disagree. Personally, I need breakfast every day.  And I think that many of us would […]

My favorite baking tools include wooden spoons and much more!

My favorite baking tools

I have to admit the truth!!!  Baking is a struggle for me.  I think that what I find most difficult about it is that it requires patience and accuracy.  So, that means that I need as many baking tools to help me make it easier […]

Crispy chimichurri potatoes are ready to eat!

Cooking up Crispy Chimichurri Potatoes

Most often chimichurri sauce finds its way to the table as a marinade for meat, but it actually can be used to add flavor to lots of vegetables and other vegetarian dishes as well.  In this recipe for chimichurri potatoes the sauce adds flavor and […]

Pin for pinterest of healthy comfort food collection

My collection of healthy comfort food recipes

Do you have those moments when you are just craving some comfort food?  This happens for me quite often.  Usually it’s in response to some stress, exhaustion or other trigger. In those times I find these healthy comfort food recipes a great resource.

Assorted whole grains are shown in this photo including brown rice, wheatberries, quinoa and soba noodles

My favorite healthy whole grains

Are you tired of your basic everyday grains and looking to change up your menu just a bit?  Here are my favorite healthy whole grains that I use regularly for my meals and meal prep. I know that nutrition still matters even when I am […]

Baked tostadas ready to eat are shown along with the individual ingredients: beans, corn and tostadas.

Baked Tostadas with Mexican Street Corn + Mashed Beans

I love food!!  I especially love ethnic food!!  But if I had to pick a favorite without a doubt it would be Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. When I am craving tacos or tostadas this recipe hits all the flavors!  And the baked tostadas are perfectly […]

Bowl of pasta on burlap placemat with red and white checkered napkin. Buen provecho!

Creamy Spinach Basil Pasta with Tomatoes

This recipe is my go to when time is short and I am looking for a dish that’s quick and easy, but also super delicious!  The sauce in spinach basil pasta requires very little cooking, just a quick saute of some onion and spinach and […]

Mediterranean zucchini fritters are pictured with yogurt zip on white plate atop a gray and white background.

Mediterranean Zucchini Fritters

I fell in love with these super yummy, vegetable packed fritters years ago when I had them at a local Greek restaurant in New York City.  So I set out to recreate them here for you and me!!  I am pretty sure the original version […]

Overhead shot of final salad on a gray plate. Background is sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and bowl of citrus fruits.

Citrus Avocado Salad with Pomegranate Vinaigrette

Adding fruit to salads is a great way to change up your boring old salad and at the same time a way to get those servings of fruit into your day.  When you add fruits to your salad it creates that savory sweet combination that […]


Potatoes with Peruvian Huancaina Sauce

Potatoes with Peruvian Huancaina Sauce is the first Peruvian dish I ever had the chance to taste.   Let me tell you, I was in love at the first bite.  There is something so yummy and delicious about potatoes topped with a creamy, spicy sauce which […]


Vegan Mediterranean Bulgur Bowl

Grain and legume bowls like this Vegan Mediterranean Bulgur Bowl are perfect for meal prep.  Why? Here are the top 3 reasons: The ingredients are all easily made and packaged ahead of time. Everything transports really well. No need to heat up — simply toss […]

Frozen chocolate bananas all ready to eat!

Frozen Chocolate Bananas on a Stick

Craving chocolate and sweet foods is a natural thing for all of us.  Our bodies are actually wired to respond in that exact way to these foods.  These frozen chocolate bananas are a perfect way to indulge in a bit of chocolate!!

Meal prep idea shown to pack up food to go in jars.

A Collection of Meal Prep Ideas and Recipes

Meal prep is no doubt my number one healthy habit that I share here on the blog.  It is a healthy that I have actually been able to develop and maintain over the years.  I am sharing meal prep ideas and recipes with you today […]


How to cook perfectly flavored steamed veggies

A short time back, I had a friend ask me some basic questions about steaming veggies!  He doesn’t cook a lot but asked some really good questions that inspired me to create this post about the BEST techniques to use to produce flavored steamed veggies. […]

Overhead shot of baked oatmeal in caserole dish.

Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal

It’s summertime NOW and that means BERRIES!!!  Lots and lots of berries!  Of course, berries are now available year around, but fresh berries taste the best in the summer months because It’s their real season!!  This Baked Blueberry Banana Oatmeal is a great recipe to […]

Entire recipe is shown is shown in grey bowl with chopsticks laid at an angle on top. In background is plate of rice and plate of tofu.

Ginger Soy Cauliflower Fried Rice & Asian BBQ Tofu

Craving some Chinese takeout but you are trying to eat healthier?  Looking for a tasty homemade alternative to fried rice? Try out my recipe for Ginger Soy Cauliflower Fried Rice with Asian BBQ Sauce.  It’s packed full of flavor and bursting with a variety of […]

Collage of photos from post

My Vegan Breakfast Recipe Collection

Today’s post evolved from my need to find some new ideas for breakfast and found inspiration from many other food bloggers out there in the world.  In this vegan breakfast recipe collection you will find combination of savory and sweet and hot and cold.  The […]

Eggplant bacon on white and gray plate garnished with tomatoes and lettuce.

Cooking up a smoky, sweet eggplant bacon recipe

Today I am sharing with you an amazing eggplant bacon recipe!! And while it’s technically NOT actual bacon it  is a delicious method to make smoky, sweet eggplant strips that you can use in a variety of ways!!  This recipe might just be my new […]

Overhead shot of sushi rice bowl showing all the vegetables, sauces and garnishes.

Making Sushi Rice Bowls

I love sushi, but let’s face it.  It’s not an easy technique to conquer and the amount of time involved is more than I can handle.  So how can you combine the flavors without all the hassle of rolling it?  What about making it into […]

Homemade marinara sauce in square white bowl garnished with sprig of fresh basil. Also shown in top left, a loaf of multigrain bread on wooden cutting board. Background is decorated with fresh basil, crushed red pepper, garlic and whole tomatoes.

Homemade marinara sauce with fresh tomatoes

Don’t know what to do with all those tomatoes that your garden produces?  Or maybe you simply want to make a fresh from scratch homemade marinara sauce?  Whatever reason, this recipe is all you need for your next pasta night!! Now you may be thinking […]

close up of mango cucumber salad garnished with fresh limes, cilantro and chiles.

Chile Lime Mango Cucumber Salad

Don’t you just LOVE the combination of sweet and spicy?? I do, and in my opinion, it’s right up there with the savory and sweet combination.  Well in my book, this Chile Lime Mango Cucumber Salad is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy flavors!! […]

Overhead photo of vegetarian stuffed mushrooms on white square plate on top of red and green napkins.

Vegetarian Lentil Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are always a big hit at any party I’ve ever catered or hosted!!  So today I am sharing with you a vegetarian lentil stuffed mushroom option for your next big event!! I mostly eat a plant-based or vegetarian diet.  And when asked to […]

pitcher of soy milk with jar of dried soy beans on burlap

Making Soy Milk and Okara at Home

I recently discovered that making my own soy milk was pretty easy.  It started out as a necessity because I have been unable to find a soy milk product in Peru that doesn’t have added sugar.  After realizing that it was relatively easy to make […]

Cacao chia pudding is garnished with whole cinnamon sticks and cacao nibs on white and gray plate.

Cinnamon Chili Cacao Chia Pudding

This cacao chia pudding is one of my favorites to make when I’m craving a bit of chocolate.  It has great flavor and I love the hint of cinnamon and spiciness from a touch of cayenne!!  The recipe goes together super fast — in less […]

Soy crackers are in gray on top a piece of burlap. Decorated with scattered soybeans and sprigs of rosemary.

Make Your Own Rosemary Soy Crackers

Want to know how to make your own soy crackers?  Just keep reading.  These crackers are full of fiber, protein and taste great too!! I recently started making my own soy milk.  This is a win win in my book because not only do you […]

Landscape shot of finished tacu tacu topped with sunny side up egg and salsa criolla

Peruvian Vegetarian Tacu Tacu

Sharing another one of my favorite Peruvian recipes today called Tacu Tacu.  It’s a great way to use up leftover beans and rice.  The beans and rice in this recipe are mashed and /flavored with some onion, garlic, oregano and aji amarillo paste and then […]

Overheadphoto of vegetarian meal prep station with wooden cutting board, cast iron skillet, mortar & pestle, and various herbs and seasonings.

Vegetarian Meal Prep Ideas and Recipes

There are numerous strategies to prep meals ahead of time and save yourself tons of time during the week to prepare meals.  I hear so often that you all struggle with finding the time and energy to prepare healthy meals each and every day.  I […]

Bowl of taco vegan lentil soup garnished with baked tortilla strips. Bowl is on wooden cutting board with orange and white napkin and wooden spoon on the side.

Cooking up Taco Vegan Lentil Soup

Today’s Vegan Lentil Soup is literally like a taco in a bowl.  It has a great tomato base that has just the right amount of spiciness and a nice crunchy texture thanks to the baked tortilla strips.  Adding the squeeze of lime at the end […]

Overhead shot of dip surrounded by plantain chips

Spicy Black Bean Hummus with Baked Plantain Chips

And I’m back with another quick and easy recipe today!!!  This spicy black bean hummus is amazing.  Use it as a dip or as a fantastic sandwich or wrap spread!!  It positively bursts with flavor — from the spicy jalapenos to the zing of the […]

Chickpea salad with bread and other variations

Creamy Chickpea Salad

Today’s recipe for Creamy Chickpea Salad is a plant-based “spin” on chicken salad.  It’s super easy to make and is a solid addition to your meal prep routine.  Why?  In my opinion, not only is it easy to make, but you can also add a […]

Rice served in brown coconut bowl on gray-white concrete backdrop with yellow and white linen

The Mediterranean Flavors of Greek Spinach Rice

Today I am sharing a vegetable packed rice dish featuring the flavors of the Mediterranean!!  The flavors that shine in this spinach and rice dish are mint, lemon and oregano. The Mediterranean diet is at the top of all the BEST diet lists this year […]

Pan roasted veggies featuring sweet potatoes and chickpeas are plated in white bowl.

Pan Roasted Veggies with Sweet Potatoes and Chickpeas

How many times each week do you come home exhausted after a crazy day at work and just want to collapse??  Or maybe cooking just isn’t your thing and you want to spend as little time as possible preparing meals?  It could be that you […]

Final dish of Creamy Polenta with Red Wine Miso Mushroom Sauce in white dish on wood background.

Red Wine Miso Mushroom Sauce & Creamy Polenta

Today’s recipe is classic comfort food!!!  From the creamy deliciousness of the polenta to the rich, meaty flavor of the red wine miso mushroom sauce, this meal hits all my comfort food high points.  Eat this meal as an entrée with the addition of some […]

Meal prep made easy uses jars to easily transport salads

Meal Prep Made Easy: Asian Salad Bowls

I am kicking off a new series of posts centered on meal prep.  Planning out your meals for the week is my #1 healthy habit that I use for myself and also to help others, like you, stay on track with healthy eating.   Once you […]

Plate of Tallarines Verdes on white background with habas, green beans and basil

Tallarines Verdes: Cooking Peruvian Pesto

How about cooking up something green this weekend to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?? I have the perfect dish called Tallarines Verdes for you to prepare.  It is definitely not Irish food — it’s actually a Peruvian version of pesto — but it’s super green and […]

Containers of prepped meals

My secret to healthy meal prep

I talk about healthy meal prep a lot.  It is a healthy habit that I use just about every week and one that I believe is the secret to successful healthy eating.  Starting the week off with an idea or plan by using healthy meal […]

Gate and entrance to Barrio Chino in Lima with lion statue and red chinese globes

Peruvian-Chinese Fusion: Vegetarian Lomo Saltado

Today I am cooking up a vegetarian lomo saltado thanks to some inspiration I found while visiting one of the Chinese markets here in Lima.  Exploring ethnic markets may be one of my favorite things to do.  In many ways, it can sometimes be like […]

Plate of arepas with black beans and cheese.

Cooking and eating the El Domino Arepa

A couple weeks ago I shared a post about making Venezuelan arepas. There are numerous ways to fill arepas, turning them into little sandwiches.  My favorite vegetarian option is the El Domino Arepa, stuffed with black beans and shredded cheese.  It is so YUMMY!!

Plate of nachos prepared and ready to eat!!

Cooking Up Vegetarian Sweet Potato Nachos

Who likes nachos??  They are one of my favorites!!  Especially when piled high with my favorite Tex-Mex ingredients such as black beans, melted cheese, avocado and jalapenos.  But in today’s recipe for Vegetarian Sweet Potato Nachos,  I’m changing it up just a bit and exchanging […]

Ingredients in food processor bowl, cut into medium chunks.

Quick and Easy Fresh Tomato Salsa

It’s all about the sauces or salsas for me!!!!  They are quick and easy flavor boosters.  Something to quickly add to a salad, veggie grain bowl or even my scrambled eggs in the morning.  You can whip up one of two on a weekend day […]

el domino arepa with black beans and shredded white cheese

Learning to Make Venezuelan Arepas

Let’s make Venezuelan Arepas!!!! Since my arrival in Lima last year, I’ve met people from several other countries and been exposed to cultures very different from my own.  One of my favorites parts of this opportunity is learning about their foods and traditions.  Shortly after […]

Guasacaca sauce on wood plate with multicolored arepas

Venezuelan Guasacaca Sauce

Try this super yummy Venezuelan sauce called Guasacaca!!!  I first experienced Guasacaca in this amazing restaurant in Lima called Merito.  I’m not sure I exactly achieved the exact same results as what I had for dinner at the restaurant, but this recipe still tastes delicious.  […]

Berries in a heart shaped dish

Eat your way to a healthier heart

February is all about hearts.  From Valentine’s Day, where we celebrate and honor the people we love in our life, to American Heart Month, where The American Heart Association and other organizations inform the public more about heart health.  Eating your way to a healthier […]


Learning how to make perfect pizza dough

I love to cook and for the most part I manage to get by and do a decent job.  I have been cooking since I was a teenager, but I never had any formal culinary training.  But I have been fortunate to be surrounded by […]

Lasagna final plate on blue linen

Cooking a healthy meatless lasagna

Lasagna is one of my favorite comfort foods. I think it’s the combination of pasta and cheese into a hearty casserole dish.  This meatless lasagna is so good and to be honest, pretty easy to make.  It combines loads of vegetables layered with tomato sauce, […]

Cooking with healthy spices bowls of various spices

Using spices as a healthy seasoning

Last week I shared a post with you about cooking with herbs as a healthy seasoning.  Today, I am back to move on to spices.  What’s the difference between herbs and spices?  Herbs are generally considered to be the leaves of plants which are used […]

Spinach and Artichoke dip in white bowl on wooden platter surrounded by homemade toasts

Healthy Spinach Dip…the Perfect Super Bowl Recipe

Looking for something healthy to make for Super Bowl celebration?  What about a healthy spinach dip?  It’s super easy to make and always a crowd favorite. Did you know that after Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday is second biggest eating holiday for Americans? Now, I don’t […]

Baskets of herbs freshly cut

Exploring health and herbs through cooking

Herbs and spices add flavor!! Lots and lots of flavor!!  Using different herbs and spices to flavor your food allows you to use less of other unhealthy ingredients such as salt and butter or oil.  Salt and butter contribute a lot of flavor and mouthfeel to […]

Turmeric Almond Milk Latte in cup on saucer with wooden spoon

The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

There is no doubt that sleep has changed for most of the world in the last 100 years or so.  And even more recently, with even further advances in technology.  Today we are way more connected than ever before.  It used to be “back in […]

Close up shot of Final plate of cauliflower served with coleslaw and potatoes

Crispy Baked Breaded Cauliflower

What’s not to love about crispy, crunchy breaded cauliflower?  Furthermore, when it’s baked instead of fried – it’s all the better!  This recipe mimics the classic fried fish and chips without all the oil and the fish!!  The cauliflower is served along with a slightly […]

Final dish of Shrimp Thai Green Curry on blue linen and served up with condiments

Easy Vegetable Shrimp Thai Green Curry

Today I’m cooking up one of my favorite Thai dishes, Easy Vegetable Shrimp Thai Green Curry.  What I like best about Thai food is the combination of the fragrant and savory flavors with a bit of sweet and spicy.  Maybe you are familiar with some […]

Cauliflower Burrito Bowl_Closeup-on-Bowl

Mexican Cauliflower Burrito Bowl with Refried Beans

I love this Mexican Cauliflower Burrito Bowl but I am conflicted about cauliflower rice. That may sound crazy but substituting cauliflower for regular rice gives me pause.  You may be thinking to yourself right now, “what is this crazy girl talking about?”  However, the dilemma […]

Asian sprouted lentil salad shown in rectangle white bowl with spicy peanut dressing on the side. All shown on red cloth.

Sprouted lentil recipe and how to grow sprouts

  Today’s sprouted lentil recipe is inspired by my fascination with learning to grow my own sprouts from beans and seeds. It’s been a thing for a while and I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but never got around to it. This is […]

Vegetarian black-eyed pea recipe_overhead

My Favorite Vegetarian Black-Eyed Pea Recipe

What traditions do you and your family honor or repeat every year to ring in the New Year or celebrate the holidays?  A tradition in my family helped me to create this vegetarian black-eyed pea recipe.  Have you ever given any thought to their origins […]

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Vegan black bean burger final photo

Vegan Black Bean Burger with Avocado Herb Sauce

Craving a burger but you don’t eat much meat?  When eating a mostly or completely vegetarian diet, sometimes it means being unable to eat some of your favorite foods.  For me, I really missed hamburgers.  I tried so many different brands of store-bought versions of […]

Timesaving Kitchen Tools_Spiral Veggie Bowl

Cooking with my favorite timesaving kitchen tools

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite cook?  Or did you land here today on this page, looking for ways to save time on cooking?  No matter the reason, you are in the right place.  Today I am sharing my absolute favorite healthy and […]

dark chocolate peppermint bark on red napkin and dark brown wooden cutting board.

How to Make Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark

This dark chocolate peppermint bark recipe makes the perfect holiday treat!!  You can whip up a batch in just a few minutes, but no one will ever know it’s that easy.  It makes a great hostess gift when attending holiday parties or make a batch […]

cookie crumb pumpkin pie

Cooking up Fresh Ginger Cookie Crust Pumpkin Pie

Prepped veggies for lunch bowls are one way to get ahead on meal prep.

Making Whole Grain Protein Lunch Bowls

Lunch on the go is a struggle, right?  It takes planning and a little bit of looking into the future in order to prepare it the night before or even the weekend before. Read more to find out how creating whole grain protein lunch bowls […]

Finished dressing is in bowl on wooden plate and orange placemat.

Carrot Ginger Miso Sauce

This Carrot Ginger Miso Sauce is amazing!!!!  It’s similar to what is served in most sushi restaurants that I’ve eaten at in the US on a green salad.  It’s super delicious and has so much umami flavor thanks to the miso. Finding Miso for Carrot […]

Tofu is placed into marinade to absorb all the flavor.

Soy Garlic Tofu

Cook up this soy garlic tofu recipe today! Use it to top salads, add it to your fried rice or use it as an entree!!! It took a while for tofu to grow on me!!  What I have discovered is that tofu needs good flavors […]

Garlic Tahini Dressing

Enjoy the flavors of Tahini Garlic Sauce

This Sesame Tahini Garlic Sauce is the perfect addition to a grain bowl, salad or even pasta!  It’s super quick and easy to make and only has 3 ingredients plus a bit of water and some salt and pepper. 

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables

My classic and most basic Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables recipe.  Ready in about 30 minutes from start to finish. Use these roasted veggies for your weekly meal prep.  They work great as a side dish, in a salad or on a sandwich and you can eat […]


Creamy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce

Creamy Chipotle Yogurt Sauce is a quick and easy sauce to whip up.  You can use it throughout the week for salads, grain bowls, tacos and much more!  I like to keep a batch on hand to use as a snack with homemade tortilla chips […]

Fresh baked banana pumpkin muffins pictured with fruit, jam and yogurt.

Whole Grain Banana Pumpkin Muffins

These banana pumpkin muffins are packed full of natural sweetness thanks to the banana and plenty of fiber from the whole grain flours.  You can whip up a fresh muffins in 30 minutes!  I hope you make a batch today!

Cooking foods with Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin

Cooking Foods with Vitamin D, the Sunshine Vitamin

Did you know that your body actually makes vitamin D from the sun?  Exposure to the sun in minimal amounts triggers a process in the skin that creates vitamin D in the body.  That’s why it is often called the sunshine vitamin!!  Another source is […]

Veggie parmesan stack is shown in white dish and served on the table ready to eat.

Veggie Parmesan Stacks + Balsamic Infused Onions

The inspiration for today’s recipe, Veggie Parmesan Stacks, is your traditional Italian fave, Eggplant Parmesan.  However in this recipe I leave out the the breadcrumbs which also eliminates the step of frying or baking the eggplant first. These veggie parmesan stacks work perfectly for a […]


Finding healthy fats…an important part of eating well

This week I am talking about dietary fat, the last of the macronutrients.  Fats are another nutrient discussed as being a problem in the typical western diet.  And I definitely agree that it is often a problem for many of us.  We are consuming too […]

Winter squash lasagna is ready to eat!

Spinach + Winter Squash Lasagna

I really enjoy cooking with winter squash, it’s a nutrient dense and satisfying vegetable.  And even better, it has so many different uses and ways to prepare it.  It makes a great soup, roasted side dish or even an ingredient in a casseroles, like this […]

Carbohydrates - Your body's favorite energy source

Carbohydrates – Your body’s favorite energy source

Last week I tackled proteins, so today I want to continue taking a close look at another macronutrient, carbohydrates.  Carbs have really gotten a bad rap lately.  Between the obsession for the keto diet and gluten-free becoming trendy, they’ve truly suffered, and many people have […]

Finished whole wheat chocolate cupcakes on cutting board topped with multi-colored sprinkles.

Whole Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes

I admit it, I am a cupcake junkie!! And…I love chocolate!!  Of course, since today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day, I felt it necessary to show my love for these creations by creating whole wheat chocolate cupcakes. There’s just something about tiny decorated little cakes that […]

Eating plant-based protein • Quinoa and spinach stuffed sweet potato

Eating plant-based protein • Quinoa and spinach stuffed sweet potato

Protein is one of the three macronutrients our body needs to function.  The other two macronutrients are fat and carbohydrates.  The foods that we eat are made up of these three macronutrients in varying amounts.  I hear lots of talk about concerns with not getting […]

Overhead shot of final soup in bowl with wooden spoon.

Aguadito de Verduras aka Peruvian Green Soup

The inspiration for today’s green vegetable soup comes from the place I am currently calling my home, Peru.  As a starting point, I used a traditional Peruvian recipe for Aguadito de Pollo which is this yummy green chicken soup filled with flavors I most often […]

Black bean and mango tacos ready to eat on white plate.

Black Bean Mango Tacos

I LOVE TACOS!!!  I mean seriously, I think I could eat and enjoy tacos every day of the week and never get tired of them.  There is just something about the combination of the corn, the spicy flavors and eating them with my hands that […]

Bowl of quinotto topped with pumpkin seeds and chard. In gray bowl atop a multicolored wooden background.

Quinotto with Winter Squash and Greens

Do you like risotto?  If so, I think you will love this protein packed variation called quinotto!! Autumn has always been my favorite season.  The colors, the leaves changing, the cooler weather, the arrival of apples and other fall produce, and of course the food […]

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Coconut Lime Cilantro Brown Rice

Coconut Lime Cilantro Brown Rice

Macaroni and cheese is ready to eat! Served up in a white casserole dish along with steamed broccoli

Baked Dairy-free Macaroni and Cheese

Isn’t macaroni and cheese just the PERFECT comfort food?  It reminds me of my childhood and home.  It’s creamy, filling and delicious! The perfect combination in my book.  But dairy gives me some troubles these days so I look for ways around it when possible.  […]

Delicious whole wheat banana cacao pancakes are ready to eat!

Whole Wheat Banana Cacao Pancakes

I love pancakes but don’t always indulge because I end up feeling overly full and bloated, and deep into a dark sugar coma within an hour of eating.  While intuitive eating gives me the freedom to eat the foods I enjoy, it also includes tuning […]

Gray wood background with cooked peppers in a baking pan and two served on a plate ready to eat.

Spicy Lentil and Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers

Today, let’s cook up some lentils!!!  In this vegetarian makeover of a traditional comfort food, red bell peppers are filled with a spicy mixture of lentils and brown rice.  I enjoy cooking with lentils because they packed full of nutrients and are actually a really […]

Ready to eat berry beet smoothie garnished with fresh blueberries.

Power Pink Berry and Beet Smoothie

Berries and beets make a great pair in a smoothie!  And it’s for sure one of my favorites.  Why is it my favorite?  Simply because berries and beets create a great flavor together, and the vibrant color this pair creates is just amazing.  There are […]

Baked tostones are topped and ready to eat on platter.

How to Make Baked Tostones

Plantains are closely related to the banana. In fact they look almost exactly like a slightly larger-sized banana. They have a much thicker skin which may need to be cut with a knife in order to remove it, especially when using the green ones. I am […]

Causa is shown from front and you can see all the layers, potato, quinoa and avocado. Served on white plate with salsa criolla.

Peruvian Vegetarian Causa Recipe

Causa, a popular dish in Peru, unites two ingredients abundant in the country and frequently consumed with most meals – the potato and the aji amarillo.  The causa contains mayonnaise and egg, and is served chilled making it  similar in some ways to a traditional […]

Several glasses with lucuma chia pudding are shown on gray background decorated with fresh berries, mint, cacao nibs and cacao powder.

Lucuma Chia Pudding with Cacao Cream

Lucuma and chia are the superstars in today’s recipe for Lucuma Chia Pudding with Cacao Cream!!! A few of my favorite healthy food superstars are lucuma, chia and cacao.  Today I combine them together to create a delicious custard-like parfait that you can serve as […]

Fresh basil marinara with ziti pasta in white bowl.

Easy Fresh Basil Marinara Sauce

Pasta and a great tasting marinara sauce is a quick and easy meal to throw together and a comfort food favorite for me.  This easy fresh basil marinara sauce has many uses. Pair it with traditional pasta or try it with another grain-based pasta, such […]

Making a Tofu Ground Beef Substitute

Making a Tofu Ground Beef Substitute

For those of you who have been around reading my blog for a while, you know I am not a HUGE fan of tofu.  But I am always willing to give things a try.  While I was in school studying nutrition, we had a cooking […]

Super Easy Prep Ahead Super Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

Super Easy Prep Ahead Fruit and Veggie Smoothies

I love smoothies!  When I make smoothies I like them frozen, with lots of ice because I feel like I am sipping a milkshake.  A milkshake full of lots of fruits, vegetables and healthy dairy.  Smoothies are easy to make and then take on the […]

Altering a Recipe: Tricks for Making Recipes More Nutritious

Tips and Tricks for Making Recipes More Nutritious

Have you ever stumbled across a recipe only to look at the ingredients or the nutritional information and realize that while it sounds fantastic, it is not something you feel is a healthy option to serve for dinner? Is there a recipe from your childhood […]

Cheesy quinoa bites are ready on a plate to eat.

Cooking Quinoa: Cheesy Quinoa Bites

Today I’m sharing a bit about a staple you will always find in my pantry – quinoa.  I am a fan for many reasons.  I enjoy the texture.  I like how it absorbs the flavor of whatever you add to it.  And most of all […]


Cooking up Colombian Arepas with Zucchini

Zucchini is a delicious and versatile green tubular vegetable.  First, there are many different creative ways to use it — hot or cold, as noodles or chopped, as a side dish or in a salad — the possibilities are endless.  The mild flavor of zucchini […]


The Breakdown on Beets – 3 Quick Preparations

Why eat beets? Now I truly understand that beets are not for everyone and there are many folks out there that have a great dislike for beets.  A dislike which I think comes from their very intense earthy flavor.  But beets are a nutrient dense […]

Black bean sweet potato bowl is served up and ready to eat.

Black Bean Sweet Potato Bowl with Cilantro Lime Cream

I love it when I accidentally discover foods that work well together like in this black bean sweet potato bowl.  It’s especially exciting when I make a new discovery while trying to make something quick and easy with what I have on-hand in the house.  […]


Tips for using social media and the web for meal planning

One of the fundamental habits I recommend to create and live a healthy life every day is to implement some form of meal planning.  This way, when time is tight you are prepared.  Let’s face it nowadays many of us are in homes where all […]


Eating more vegetables: my favorite plant-based recipes

Inspired by the last post to eat more plants but don’t know where to start?  I find it can be hard when I want to make changes and the biggest struggle is figuring out where to begin.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorite plant-based […]

Recipe of the week - Greek Salad Grain Bowl

Recipe of the week – Greek Salad Grain Bowl

Making sure I am prepared for meals during the week is extremely important for me.  I am always looking for ways to prep food for the week on the weekends.  I do not feel as if I have the time every day to spend a […]

On the Go Oatmeal and Grain Bowls

On the Go Oatmeal and Grain Bowls

Oatmeal is an all-time breakfast favorite and is usually eaten as a hot cereal, but it can also be prepared and served cold.  This method transforms oatmeal and other grains into a quick and on-the-go breakfast food in the form of healthy oatmeal and grain […]

Creamy Black Beans

Recipe of the Week – Creamy Black Beans and Rice

Black beans are one of my all-time favorites.  This recipe is great because it’s pretty simple and easy to throw together on a weekend afternoon.  If you want to cook them during the week but won’t be at home, then place the ingredients in the […]


A Healthy Breakfast: Green Eggs, No Ham

One of my favorite healthy breakfast dishes that I recently created and started eating almost daily combines eggs, leafy green vegetables and avocado.  To make it even tastier, I love to top it off with homemade tomatillo salsa. Over the years I have found that […]

Ways to eat healthy and save time on food preparation

Healthy Eating Hacks to Save You Time in the Kitchen

NOTE:  This post may include affiliate links which means that if you click through and purchase, I do receive some small financial benefit which helps me to continue to provide you with free content.     Follow my blog with Bloglovin Do you feel like you […]


Start the Day with a Savory Breakfast Bowl

Are you bored with your breakfast and looking to change things up?  Are you looking for quick and easy breakfasts that are low in sugar?  Or maybe you are just looking for ways to sneak in more veggies for a healthy and satisfying breakfast and […]

Ready to drink camu camu smoothie!

Beet, berry, banana & camu camu smoothie

One of my favorite parts of my recent trip to Peru was experiencing all the exotic (well at least to this American) fruits and vegetables the country has to offer.  Markets are just teeming with brightly colored fruits and vegetables that I have never seen […]


Chilean Pebre…a condiment for everything.

I discovered pebre on my second day in Santiago, Chile during lunch with a new Chilean acquaintance and some other fellow travelers.  The restaurant served it to the table along with bread and butter.  We spread a bit of both on top of the bread […]

Finished tacos on white plate ready to eat!!

Crispy Tofu Tacos with Lime Cilantro Yogurt

How do you feel about tofu? For me, it has never been a favorite.  I have eaten a mostly plant-based diet for about three years now, but I have never been super fond of meat replacements or “fake meat”.  I have tried tofu in restaurants […]

Cauliflower Magic: increasing nutrition & reducing calories

Cauliflower Magic: increasing nutrition & reducing calories

It seems that cauliflower is all the rage these days. I can’t look at any form of social media without seeing a post with a recipe of some kind of cauliflower magic.  Cauliflower rice, cauliflower pizza and cauliflower toast are just a few that I […]


Eat dark chocolate quinoa and feel no guilt

Did you know…that eating 1 oz of chocolate has health benefits?