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Intuitive Eating Course I

Building Healthy Habits with Intuitive Eating For a Healthier and Happier Life

Learn some basic tools of Intuitive Eating to begin moving towards a more permanent shift in your interaction with food and dieting.  In time you can never feel powerless or guilty around food again while finding more energy and building healthy habits.

About this course

This four-week course is an introduction to five of the core principles of Intuitive Eating to get your started on a healthier relationship with food.  This introduction is meant to give you a brief overview the five principles covered and some practical ways of understanding and integrating these principles into your life.

All meetings are virtual and include no more than 6 participants to make sure everyone is able to participate.  Online group courses are a cost-effective and way to introduce yourself to Intuitive Eating and receive support from myself and others in the group.

Each weekly session worksheets and activities to reinforce the topic and guide you towards implementing Intuitive Eating in your life.

The program kicks off with a dive into rejecting diet mentality and some of the myths behind dieting.  In the following weeks we look at tuning back into your own body’s signals and moving more intuitively and other strategies to manage stress.  In our final session we cover how diet restriction creates more food obsession and how you free yourself from these constant thoughts of food and dieting.

What you get

🔸 Workbook and activities for each week’s topic.  Plus, tip sheets, recipes and other related materials.

🔸 4 – 60-minute group coaching sessions

🔸 1 – 30 minute meeting with me at the end of our four weeks

🔸 Access to private Facebook group open to all program participants past and present.  Post questions for me or others who are going or have gone through the program. I will be there as well to help encourage your in between sessions.

🔸 Weekly motivational emails to help you stay focused on the week’s topic.

🔸 Access to a private chat group to post questions and concerns throughout the week and get feedback from those strictly within your own group.

🔸 Freedom to contact me between sessions via email with questions or concerns.

About me

I’m Lyn Croyle, a Certified Health Coach who specializes in intuitive eating and plant-based eating.  I have my own experience with a lifetime of weight issues and dieting but after finding freedom from dieting and diet culture through Intuitive Eating I became super passionate about helping others discover a healthy life beyond diets.


My own personal experience with weight and dieting combined with my training in nutrition and coaching make me uniquely qualified to help guide you on the path to implementing Intuitive Eating and making peace with food.


  • Will I lose weight with Intuitive Eating?
    What happens with your weight is unknown . And it's important to understand that Intuitive Eating is NOT a weight loss tool. But you will discover a much healthier way of eating and living that will lead to more energy and an improved sense of well-being.
  • What should I expect to gain from this course?
    You should expect to finish the four weeks with an introduction of five of the principles of Intuitive Eating. Through the weekly activities you will explore your own thoughts and feelings around diet and food that will help you determine what steps to take moving forward.
  • Will all my issues with food be fixed by this course?
    Intuitive Eating is a lifetime journey and not a quick fix. Everyone is different and will move through the principles at different rates. Some principles may be easy and some may require much more work to undo all the damage diet culture has caused over the years. For sure you will leave the course with more info about creating a healthy life about Intuitive Eating and discover that there is more to life than diets and restriction.
  • What happens if I can't attend one of the sessions?
    The course is built upon participation and your attendance is necessary in order to get the MOST out of the course. If you can't make a session, let me know ahead and I will make arrangements to get you a written copy of the presentation and topic but you will miss out on the "extra" input from myself and others in the group. If the timing is an issue and you think you will miss more than one week, this program is likely not the best fit.
  • Can I get my money back if I decide I don't like the program?
    I will provide a full-refund if you decide within 24 hours of the FIRST meeting that you don't want to participate. Following that time, refunds will be given on a case by case basis.
  • If I have physical or mental health issues such as an eating disorder, diabetes, heart conditions or seeking other treatment from a doctor can I participate in this program?
    This program is not meant to be medical advice. If you are under treatment for chronic physical illness, you should discuss Intuitive Eating and this program with your doctor first. If you are being treated for or diagnosed with an eating disorder this course is not appropriate for you to take.