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intuitive eating

intuitive eating

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is a framework of eating that forgoes dieting and focuses instead of creating a healthier relationship with food.  The idea is laid out in the book, Intuitive Eating, first published in the 1990’s by two registered dietitians, E. Resch and E. Tribole.  This book was the first to really recognize this approach as a way to achieve a healthier way of living and to lay out a framework for Intuitive Eating.

In many ways Intuitive Eating is a form of self-care.  It focuses on repairing unhealthy relationships with food that are based in rules, restrictions and behaviors such as overeating and bingeing.  Also, it focuses on the idea that there is so much more to physical health than weight.  What goes on in your mind also affects your health as well.  And intuitive eating focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of weight.

How to learn more about intuitive eating?

  1. Read the book.  This is a great place to start because it lays out the basic guidelines and principles that make up this way of approaching eating.
  2. Read some of my blog posts.  In various posts, I tackle some of the principles and share with you how they have worked in my life.  Intuitive eating looks different for everyone, but I hope that in sharing my experience with you, you begin to understand you are not so alone in battling the dieting and weight loss cycle.
  3. Find support.  Intuitive eating is complicated.  And for many of you, dieting has so altered your way of looking at food and desensitized you to your body’s signals that implementing intuitive eating may be difficult.

Join my private Facebook group, Journey to Health with Intuitive Eating. where you will find others in similar situations that are at different points on their journey with Intuitive eating as well as support from me. All for free.

If you need more structure, consider joining my 30-day group coaching program, Building Healthy Habits with Intuitive Eating for a Healthier Happier Life or more personalized coaching with one-on-one sessions.


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