Vegan Date Brownies

What You Need To Make a Batch!

Soak dates for 1 hour in hot water.

Step 1

Transfer dates to blender with a little liquid.

Step 2

Blend dates well. Add 1/2 cup tofu and blend until smooth.

Step 3

Step 4

Combine gf flour, cocoa powder, oil, baking powder, salt & vanilla.

Step 5

Add blended dates and tofu to bowl of ingredients.

Step 6

Mix it all up with a wooden spoon.

Step 7

Add nuts and dark chocolate chips.

Step 8

Stir to mix into batter evenly.

Step 9

Transfer to a oiled 9 x 9 baking pan, spread evenly. Bake 350° F  for 20-25 minutes.