How to Cut Potatoes Into Fries

everything you need to know to make the PERFECT fries

What Equipment Do You Need To Cut the Perfect Fries

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Mandolin Chef Knife  Cutting Board

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Prep the potatoes. No matter which method you choose, start with washing and scrubbing the outside of the potato very well to remove any dirt on the peel. You can also peel the potatoes if you prefer but leaving the peel intact keeps some of the nutrients found in potatoes.


For cut classic french fries by hand, cut the potato in half lengthwise. Place the flat edge of the potato face down to keep the potato from slipping.


Slice into approximately ⅜-inch slices. This is halfway between ¼ inch and ½ inch. Then lay each potato slice down and slice again in even strips to make individual French fries.


You can also cut the potatoes thicker or thinner for different-sized french fries. Just remember to cut the slices and the strips into the same-sized measure.


To cut potato wedges, cut the potato in half and place the flat edge of the potato face down on the cutting board and then slice lengthwise in half. 


Then cut each remaining piece into 3 pieces at a slight angle to make wedges.


To cut your fries with a mandolin, If your mandolin has a french fry blade then set it up and insert the blade.


Secure the potato to the guard. This piece is important because it keeps your hand safe while you are slicing.


Then place the potato face down slightly above the cutting blade and slowly slide the potato from left to right over the blade.

cook & enjoy!

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