easy summer smoothies

Perfect no-cook breakfast or snack




Refreshing flavors for tasty hydration


Summer smoothies are easy to make ahead for easy snacks & meals.

beet berry smoothie

What you need to make beet berry smoothie

superfood chocolate maca smoothie

What you need to make chocolate maca smoothie

easy meal prep smoothies

how to meal prep smoothies

Meal prep green smoothie base for all flavors.

Choose fruit flavors to add and prep up fruit to freeze.

Combine green smoothie base with frozen fruit for a quick and easy smoothie!!

Meal Prep Smoothie with avocado & banana

Plus 3 other flavor combinations!!!

refreshing dragon fruit smoothie

What you need to make dragon fruit smoothie

smoothie Tips

Freeze bananas for fruit smoothies for an extra creamy smoothie!! Swap out dairy for plant-based alternatives to make smoothies vegan!! Buying frozen fruit is a cost effective and a time saver when making smoothies!!

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