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about me


Welcome to cook•eat•live•love!!

If you have been dieting your entire life without lasting success and find yourself going back and forth between periods of dieting and eating uncontrollably, work with me through my programs based on Intuitive Eating to stop this cycle.  Intuitive Eating is centered on listening to your own body, discovering what it needs and learning how it responds to what you eat.  I also emphasize eating more plant-based foods and building healthy habits while zeroing in on how your body feels.  Through these programs you will learn to get off the diet wagon and find a healthier way of living.

In addition to coaching clients in Intuitive Eating, I also create healthy plant-based recipes and meal plans to support you in finding nutritious foods to prepare and eat. Much of the content here is based on my nutrition knowledge, cooking skills and personal experiences which I share with you to help you achieve the health and wellness you desire in your life.

At the heart of cook•eat•live•love…


A task many of you do each and every day to provide for yourself and your family whether you love or hate it.  I believe that cooking doesn’t need to be complicated.  Rather it is possible for it to be quick and easy, while still tasting good and providing your body with the nutrients it needs.  I enjoy sharing my favorite recipes, recipe makeovers, meal planning/prep ideas and timesaving tips to keep things fresh and different for each of you on a regular basis.


eat …

What you eat is fuel for your body and when you feed yourself foods that are healthy and nutritious, your body functions better and improves your overall sense of wellness.  However, eating Is also meant to be a social and communal experience.  I want you to begin to enjoy your experience around eating rather than constantly being obsessed by following a set of rules around eating (aka a DIET).  At that same time, I believe that a more plant-based centered diet with occasional meat and fish is healthier for us and our planet.


At the heart of what I believe is that health is not just about the food you are eating.  It 100% includes what you’re thinking and how you’re living.  Often in our busy lives certain healthy habits take a back seat as we struggle to just get through the day.  I want to help you learn the benefits and ways to implement good habits such as getting quality sleep, daily meditation, exercise, self-care and stress management.




We all need love in our lives to function and this love can take many forms. Whether it’s love of yourself, romantic love, friendship love or world love, it is essential to each and every one of us.  Finding ways to love yourself and others is a daily journey and one I hope that through sharing my experiences, you discover you aren’t alone in the struggle.




My mission at cook•eat•live•love…

  • Is to share the idea that health isn’t just about a number on a scale. I want to coach and guide you on how to use Intuitive Eating to stop dieting and to begin focusing on living a healthy life. 
  • Is to share great tasting plant-based recipes and teach strategies to eat a more plant-based centered diet every day.
  • Is to guide you in building healthy habits beyond food in order to create a full and healthy life.



A bit about me…

I have years of experience in food service, a B. S. in Nutrition and Dietetics, and I am an ACE-certified health coach.  I understand how your body functions, how it uses the nutrients you eat and how to guide you through making health and life changes.

On a personal level, living a healthy lifestyle and managing weight has been a lifelong journey for me, and one I still work hard to try to master every day.  I know firsthand the struggle of dieting, never being happy with how I look and all the negative emotions that creates.  I certainly don’t I have all the answers, but I do personally understand your struggle.  Intuitive Eating has enabled me to focus on how food makes my body feel and to begin to build a healthier relationship with food.

I love cooking, trying new foods and rewriting recipes to make them healthier.  I believe that food is meant to be fuel for our bodies but also to be something that should give us pleasure. So even when we are eating healthy it is important to enjoy the food on our plate.

As someone who has struggled with weight her entire life and never felt “skinny enough”, through Intuitive Eating I am learning to now love myself for who I am, curves and all.  Join me on my journey and let’s do this together.


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