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My Vegan Breakfast Recipe Collection

My Vegan Breakfast Recipe Collection

Today’s post evolved from my need to find some new ideas for breakfast and found inspiration from many other food bloggers out there in the world.  In this vegan breakfast recipe collection you will find combination of savory and sweet and hot and cold.  The list has lots of variety with the hopes that everyone will find at least one dish they think sounds delicious.

How important is breakfast

There continues to be much debate over the importance of eating breakfast.  The science behind this topic is quite blurry. It turns out that some of the studies indicating you should eat breakfast were actually funded by companies and industries selling breakfast foods.  And recently the connection between weight loss and eating breakfast is not as solid.  There are studies that indicate that those who eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who skip this meal but it is possible that there are other factors contributing to these results than just the breakfast meal.

Weight loss or management aside, I believe that breakfast is an important meal.  Eating breakfast refuels your body which has been fasting since the last meal you ate.  I personally function better and have more energy when my day starts with a healthy breakfast.

It is important that if you are hungry in the morning and you ignore it because you are trying to decrease calories or simply because you don’t have enough time, I encourage you to figure out a way to incorporate it into your day because your physical signs of hunger is your body trying to tell you something.

What to eat for breakfast

The typical American breakfast is often packed full of tons of unhealthy foods.  Meats like bacon and sausage are full of fat and highly processed forms of meat.  And then of course there are the sugar bombs such pancakes, waffles and French toast which are fine for every once in a while, but are not likely to sustain you for long and may even lead to a crash hours after eating.

The best composition for any meal or snack is one that it includes foods that contribute all the macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrate.  For me, it is crucial that my breakfast includes a higher percentage of carbohydrates and protein.  Things like a bowl of oatmeal just don’t get me very far because while it is healthy, it is mostly carbohydrates.  But add in some chia and nuts or even make it savory with veggies and a fried egg works better for me in terms of my satisfaction.

If you aren’t sure what combination works for you then try to track your satiation following breakfast and the meals you ate for a week or so.  Just jot down what you ate and then note how long that meal lasts before you are hungry again.  If you do this for a week or so you will likely be able to narrow down what types of meals your body needs in the morning.

I encourage you to avoid items that are highly sugared for breakfast as they may create a midmorning crash when your body has used up all the glucose from the sugar you ate that morning.  Plus you may be hungry again very soon after eating and thus look for a mid-morning snack that would have been unnecessary had you chosen a different meal for breakfast.

This vegan breakfast recipe collection

When looking through the recipe submissions from my fellow bloggers for this vegan breakfast recipe collection, I was really looking for something different.  I wanted foods and ideas that were out of the ordinary.  I also wanted vegan breakfast recipes, simply for the sake of looking at foods made without your typical eggs, meat and dairy so present in the American breakfast.

In places outside the US the types of foods eaten for breakfast are very different from what many of us are familiar with and I have tried to include some of these as well in this list.  They may include ingredients that many of us Americans don’t associate with breakfast but that’s ok.

Many of these dishes in this vegan breakfast recipe collection are either easy to prepare ahead of time or recipes that won’t take you much time to cook and eat in the morning.

Chocolate oatmeal in white bowl on top of white countertop. Garnished with almonds ad chocolate chips

The instant pot guarantees quick results and this recipe produces a batch of yummy oatmeal in five minutes!!  Plus it is yummy chocolate oats topped with almonds – which honestly are all some of my favorite foods.  Cook this recipe up when you are craving a sweeter breakfast.  Topping it with almonds also provides you with protein to help you stay satisfied for a longer period of time.

Recipes from a Pantry • Instant Pot Oatmeal with Chocolate

Vegan scrambled eggs in pan on wood background with wooden spoon in pan.

Vegan scrambled eggs are made with tofu.  This recipe breaks it all down for you on how to create a basic tofu scramble that looks and tastes similar to scrambled eggs.  Use it in tacos, on a breakfast sandwich or just by itself with your favorite egg condiment.

Masala Herb • Vegan Scrambled Eggs

Plate with mushroom toast is in front with pan of mushrooms behind it along with more toast.

Avocado toast is my favorite but sometimes you just want a change and this recipe for mushrooms on toast hits the spot!!  Super tasty and mushrooms cook up fast so it’s definitely a recipe to count on when you don’t have much time.

Veggie Desserts • Mushrooms on Toast with Garlic and Thyme

Charred tortillas are laid out on blue background topped with black bean filing and avocado.

I love tacos!!  I love them for breakfast, lunch and for dinner. Eggs are a classic breakfast taco ingredient but this recipe leaves them out and uses black beans with avocado and a quick tomato salsa.  And I love the idea of a charred tortilla for a little more authentic flavor and look!!

The Cook Report • Vegan Breakfast Tacos

Chickpea omlette in cast iron pan on wooden background with white and blue table material.

Chickpea flour makes a great egg substitute. It has a different flavor but mimics the texture of baked or cooked eggs.  Combine it with spinach and mushrooms and you have unique protein packed omelette.  Another bonus for this recipe is that it perfect to take with you on the go!!

Homemade Vegan • Spinach and Mushroom Chickpea Omelette

Three glass jars of chia pudding garnished with berries on white and gray marble countertop.

Chia pudding is great because you can make it up ahead and simply grab it on the run as you head out the door in the morning.  I especially love the use of coffee in this recipe and it also includes one of my favorite South American ingredients to add into my smoothies and now into chia pudding!!

Shivani Loves Food • Coffee Chia Pudding

Glasses of chocolate oats are layered with fresh berries on white background with sliced toasted almonds scattered on top and around.

Make these overnight oats and breakfast is ready for you when you wake in the morning.  Chocolate, strawberry and almond flavors pair well and create a delicious protein packed quick and easy breakfast.

Vegetarian Gastronomy • Overnight Chocolate Strawberry Almond Oats

Folded crepes drizzled with butterbeer sauce on white plate.
Pancakes crepes with ice cream with caramel sauce

Ok this was my one little exception for the sweet.  Simply because they just sounded so dang good!!!  Butterbeer – yum and as a Harry Potter fan I just couldn’t resist.  They make a fabulous and fun Saturday morning brunch splurge!!

Nerdy Mamma • Vegan Butterbeer Crepes

Terra cotta plate filled with hash and fork on the side. Pan of cooked has is shown in background.

I love potato hash for breakfast!  Sometimes I use sweet potatoes and sometimes it’s a basic white potato.  I love that this recipe incorporates turnips and sweet potatoes to create the base for this hash.  Plus, chickpeas are also in the recipe which boosts the protein in this dish.  This hash boasts lots of flavor thanks to chilies, smoked paprika and oregano.  For even more protein, top it with a yummy poached or fried egg!

The Circus Gardener’s Kitchen • Sweet potato, turnip and chickpea hash

Bowls of savory oatmeal served with greens and mushrooms on white wood background are shown with yellow napkin in front and whole onion, mushrooms and greens in back.

Savory oatmeal bowls and I go way back but this one might just be my new fave!!  Paired with spinach and yummy, earthy mushrooms and some tempeh bacon for some protein.  So good!!

Sharon Palmer • Florentine Oatmeal Bowl

Bowl of yellow kitchari garnished with lime slices on white background.

I have to admit that I don’t know much about ayurvedics but this recipe sounds so delicious and full of lots of warm and exotic flavors.  Another savory breakfast grain and legume bowl made with mung beans and brown rice featuring the warming flavors of turmeric, ginger and cumin.  A must try for anyone looking for some variety to their breakfast!!

Wholehearted Eats • Healing Ayurvedic Kitchari

Chocolate quinoa in white bowl topped with banana slices and peanut butter drizzle on wood background with tan napkin underneath.

Bananas, peanut butter and chocolate come together in this sweet quinoa breakfast bowl to create fantastic flavor. Quinoa is packed with protein helping you to stay satisfied longer.  This recipe is perfect to make a batch on the weekend with your meal prep and so you can easily reheat it in the morning or take it with you to work.

Vegan Huggs • Chunky Monkey Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Eggplant bacon on white and gray plate with lettuce and tomato garnish.

Eggplant looks and even tastes a bit like bacon in this recipe!!  Cook it up and add it to your breakfast sandwich or eat it alongside one of the scrambled dishes above!!  It’s so good, you won’t even miss the actual bacon.

cookeatlivelove • Smoky Sweet Eggplant Bacon

Raspberry muffins on wood surface with paper underneath and crumbs scattered around.

Juicy fresh raspberries in a moist muffin!!  Need I say more?  So yum!!  Muffins are an easy to prepare ahead and stick in the freezer for those days when you just don’t have much time for cooking.  Or use these vegan beauties for a brunch add on with your favorite breakfast protein!!

My Goodness Kitchen • Vegan Almond Butter Raspberry Muffins

Poha is served in white rounded rectangle dish on wood surface. Garnished lemon slices.

This is another fabulously exotic sounding breakfast dish.  It’s origin and flavors are Indian!!  Poha is a type of flattened rice. It incorporates tons of veggies so you get your start on meeting you veggie servings for the day.  Make up a batch and reheat quick during the week when time is short.

Simple Sumptuous Cooking • Vegetable Poha – Spiced Flattened Rice

Vegan frittata bites on white plate with mini muffin tin filled with more bites behind.

Another fabulous meal prep recipe!  Make up these little bites and portion them out for the week!  You can eat them hot or cold and they make a great snack too!  Chickpea flour creates a similar texture as eggs in a frittata but is also loaded with protein.

Strength & Sunshine • Mini Chickpea Flour Vegan Frittata Bites

Light blue bowl filed with pumpkin porridge garnished with pecans and fresh berries and shown with spoon in bowl.

Pumpkin pie in a bowl!!!  I say YES, YES, YES!!!  Quick and easy with only five ingredients plus your toppings.  Pumpkin is packed full of vitamin A so adding it to your morning oatmeal definitely boosts the nutrition for the day.

Lovely Jubley • Vegan Pumpkin Pie Porridge

Green chia pudding in glass jars on table covered with white material. White spoon of matcha powder shown at front.

Creamy and delicious coconut milk is the liquid for this BEAUTIFUL overnight chia pudding  The matcha gives this beautiful overnight oats its lovely green color and the chia adds a boost of protein to the oats.

Flavor the Moments • Matcha Coconut Chia Overnight Oats

Closeup of white plate filled with bhurji and served with naan bread.

Tofu stands in for eggs in this super flavorful Indian scrambled breakfast.  The dish has tons of flavor thanks to cumin, cilantro, turmeric, chili pepper!  Ready and on the table in less than 30 minutes!!

Vegan Richa • Vegan Bhurji

Stack of bars are shot from the front on a white surface with dark background.

These oatmeal cookie bars are great for a grab on the run breakfast bar!!  Made from only five ingredients and ready in less than 20 minutes.

Under the Willow Tree • Iced Oatmeal Cookie Clif Bars

Quinoa dish is served molded in the shape of a heart on a white plate.

The seasonings in this recipe is what really attracted me to trying it.  Saffron and cardamom are make me think of warm and comforting but also a bit exotic.  And the recipe has just a touch of sweetness added, making it a unique and tasty hot breakfast bowl.

Heartful Earth Cuisine • Saffron Cardamom Carrot Quinoa

I hope you have enjoyed my vegan breakfast recipe collection.  Which recipe will you try first?  I know it’s hard because there are so many good ones!!  Please tell me below in the comments which of these recipes you like the most and also about your favorite breakfast meals!!  

Pin for pinterest with collage of photos from recipes in post.

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